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Smart Diva - Home Management System
Creative Technosoft Systems provides Smart Diva Home Management App, an All-in-one solution designed especially to meet the requirements of homemakers to easily organize, maintain and track all your household possessions on your Android or iPhone Tablets remotely with just a couple of taps.

A well organized house means, if it is regularly checked and maintained to make less chance of problems arising.
Our Smart Diva provides you this power to control your household properties with in-built database to stock detailed information of everything you own and allow you to print Reports or save the data for safe keeping.

Smart Diva creates and maintains digital information as a proof of receipts for each item including information such as Date of purchase, Cost, Place of purchase and much more. This system provides you the status of your groceries, Assets, Personal Information, Maintenance, Finance, and generates Reports. A precise Smart Diva provides everything required to manage above operations smoothly and accurately.

It helps you track every significant piece of information about each household item and allows you to effectively edit and update information to restore through its user friendly interface and functionalities so that you know the day to day status of each and every particular item.
  •  Simple and easy to use
  •  Easy Intuitive Navigation
  •  Simplify Time Management
  •  Eliminate the Budgeting Problems
  •  Setup To-Do Lists and Schedules
  •  Maintain Database of all the items and assets owned
What we are offerring...
  • Allow users to add list of groceries before and after shopping.
  •  Store information of all your valuables
  •  Maintain details of inventory you own, with its value
  •  Store personal details of your beloved ones
  •  Maintain details of repairs,bill payments and their status
  •  Schedule Alerts and Reminders for any occasions
  •  Maintain details of cash inflow and expenditure item wise
  •  Allow users to track weekly, monthly status of the expenditure
  •  Generates detailed categorized Reports of expenditure and many more
  • Groceries: Manage your groceries at a single place for easy access.
  • Assets: To track important details of assets including Asset name, category, purchase date and value, the Warranty expiration date, the manufacturer and model number and the location with images, attachment (if any), phone number from where you bought it.
  • Maintenance: Includes all monthly utilities such as water bill, electrical bill, credit card bills etc. you can quickly see how much it costs to maintain everything inside and outside of your home throughout the year.
  • Income: Provides a quick finance visibility as this functionality includes monthly income, Income type etc.
  • Budget: Allows you to plan your budget, you can manage future investments you are planning for.
  • Preferences: Ability to create and maintain your different Bank accounts that allows you to have a complete picture of your transactions with transaction type, transaction date, transaction by and total amount.
  • Expenditure: Provides a quick view of expenses incurred.
  • Reports: Generates detailed graphical representation of up to date reports of Item Usage, Finance, Income Vs Expenses, Investments etc.
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